Storage & Transportation

Think of it as mass tool transit.

Festool's ingenious Sys-Dock feature turns your dust extractor into a mobile cart for your tools and accessories. Festool Systainers, the carrying cases which are standard with nearly every Festool power tool, latch to the top of our dust extractors allowing you to move tools together, reducing steps when setting up your jobsite. The Sys-Dock is also flat, serving as a convenient place to rest your tool or materials while you work.

Make a great impression transporting a stack of tools into your client's space neatly organized on your Festool dust extractor. Put an end to the exhausting trips back and forth to your vehicle to carry in tools.

Sys-Dock tool storage

A place and a purpose for everything.

The supplied antistatic hose stores neatly into the integrated hose garage, a standard feature on all Cleantex models (CT MINI, MIDI, 26, 36 and 48). The hose garage also protects your hose from inadvertent damage during transit.

Hose storage garage

A dust extractor that is designed properly will offer convenient storage solutions for keeping the hoses and accessories well organized and readily available. On-board cradles, handles, and the ability to use the flat top as a temporary shelf to support tools are nice features that you should consider.